My Mother Looks Like Salami

As though the reset button is pressed and I view the world anew with a freshness and the wonder of a child. I focus this curiosity on my daughters whom I suspect pressed the button to start with. I concentrate on their natural and individual behaviour ( in a private setting as opposed to a public one) and their traces: on their bodies and those they leave behind…..

My fascination stems from an admiration that they can drop all sense of what is right or wrong, acceptable or not and so be themselves in the safety of a homey setting. And this in a world where so many rules apply, where it is easier to conform, where you publicly have to fit in.

I wish to hold on to these private values which remain a core inspiration.

I choose to isolate my subject by placing them in a neutral setting or by coming in close taking it out of a context and focussing on the one thing. It is not the home itself which interests me, but what I find there.

Having gone to boarding school from a young age this private life is not one I know from my own experience. I was always in a public mode.

If ever I felt like an extinct species, I know now, I am no longer extinct.

My Mother Looks Like Salami comes from how closely I studied my mother’s skin and how I am now looking at my children in the same scrutinous way. And no doubt how my children are looking at me (although I seem to look like a turtle!).

Group exhibitions:


The Family of No Man, Les Rencontres d’Arles, Arles (July)

Come to your Senses an interactive exhibition in Sexyland, Amsterdam (May)

Graduation exhibition, the FOTOfactory, Amsterdam (January)


New Dutch Photography Talent 2018, Amsterdam (November)

Art For Animals Sake, Amsterdam (October)

A Photographer's Journal, Cloud Gallery Amsterdam (May)


Atelie da Imagem, Urca, Rio de Janeiro


Estamos Juntos Mixturados, Parque Lage, Rio de Janeiro


2014 - 2018

the FOTOfactory, Amsterdam

1992 - 1996

Theatre directing, Amsterdam Hogeschool voor de Kunsten

1988 - 1992 

University of Amsterdam, psychology

1983 - 1988

Bryanston school, Dorset, UK



Featured in NEW Dutch Photography Talent 2018

Featured in Newdawnpaper:

Invited to take part in the Landskrona portfolio reviews