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“A simultaneous love for simplicity and detail, highlighting the seemingly ordinary......with much humour......Drabbe chooses to show tenderness....” 


I am drawn to people and their behaviour. I have a fascination for the roles we play, the masks we wear and more specifically who we are without the mask.

The above quotes are taken from theatre reviews about plays I directed in the past, but interestingly link to my photography. 

Having lived in many countries and cultures as a child, I feel that I learnt to look and to observe others in order to understand my new surroundings. I think that this may be the root of my ability to see things with wonder, as though for the first time. 

I isolate my subject by coming in close or by placing them in a neutral setting, taking them out of a context. My photos are both observed and staged, but the observed are so unique that they could be staged and the staged are always inspired by observation. 

My active imagination continues to surprise me and brings much humor to my day as I am able to see wonder and strangeness in the most normal of things. I give color and a softness to a world which is often tough and black and white. This positive approach gave me a loyal audience for many years as a theatre director and I hope it will in photography as well.

 I was chosen as a New Dutch PhotographyTalent 2018 by GUP magazine.

I am available for assignments!

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